Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 23rd & 25th July

25th July

This morning I took a couple for the morning drive. Our fabulous morning started at Beho Beho International where we saw some Giraffe, Impala and Hyena. Then we went to the Battlefields where we saw some Warthog, Wildebeest and more than fourteen Giraffe. But all the Giraffe were looking East of the Battlefield. We went close to see what they were watching and we found twelve Hyenas eating a young Giraffe. There were also White backed, Hooded and Palm nut Vultures waiting in the trees. Those Hyenas definitely killed that Giraffe and we watched them eating for about half an hour. Always when Hyenas eat something is very interesting to watch because of the funny noise they make. When we were watching them four hyenas from a different clan came and tried to steal the kill but they were not strong enough because they were chased away and I didn’t see them again until we left. Then at little Serengeti we saw mating Lions. It was part of Shaggy pride. We watched them until they had done two actions and we drove to lake Manze. We stopped for our Picnic breakfast at the lake watching two Lions, which were on other side of the lake; also we were watching Hippo, Crocodile, Birds, Zebra and Wildebeest. After our lovely tea and coffee we went closer to the Lions and we saw the left over of a Wildebeest with many Vultures around. There were White Headed, Hooded, Ruppell’s Griffon and White backed Vulture. Then we saw a big herd of Buffalo, Baboon and Elephants on the way back home.


 23rd July

Today I took two ladies for a full day game drive. We left camp at seven in the morning and we went to Lake Manze. On the way to the lake we saw a lot, Elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Impala, Baboon and Dwarf Mongoose. At the beginning of the lake we saw Six Lions including one cub. It was the Manze pride. They were hunting Wildebeest, which were going to drink. One Lioness went around them and the rest of the pride hid in the bushes. Unfortunately her plan wasn’t smart enough because the Wildebeest spotted her. She chased them until she gave up. After watching the hunt we went close to the pride. The little cub seemed to be very happy today because he kept jumping on the backs of other Lions. We left them and we went for our picnic breakfast near the water while we were watching Birds, Hippo and Crocodile. After our lovely breakfast we carried on our drive along the lake before we came across a male Buffalo by himself. When we were watching him suddenly two Lionesses appeared from the bush and the Buffalo ran away. These lionesses were a part of the Manze pride. We followed these Lionesses because we were going in the same direction. We saw the big herd of Wildebeest mixed with Zebra going to drink. We stopped and watch what was going to happen. One Lioness stayed still and one stalk the wildebeest. When she got about fifty metres away she started chasing and choosing a young one to pull down. We went near and we saw her finish the kill. We waited for about twenty minutes before she started eating. The other Lioness, which stayed back, came closer but the Lioness who killed young Wildebeest didn’t want to share the food. We ended up seeing the scramble and it was noisy. The poor Lioness managed to get a hind leg. We watched them eating until they almost finished. Then we went to see what the rest of the pride were up to. We saw them eating Wildebeest as well. After we watched them for a long time my lovely guests told me that there was no need to carry on for a full day. What they had seen was more than enough. So we drove back to camp and that was about one o’clock.


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