Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 19th July

Today I took a honeymoon couple for the morning drive. We left camp at six thirty. Our drive started just before Beho Beho International where we saw some Impala and on the runway we saw more Impala and Wildebeest. Whilst we were watching these animals, suddenly a Hyena ran across the runway towards the Msine River. We carried on with our drive to Lolly pop crossing. Just after the crossing we saw a big troop of Baboons, Impala, Warthog and a family of Elephants all together. After watching them we drove to the Lake Manze and on the way we saw Wildebeest, Zebra, Banded Mongoose and Giraffe. When we arrived at the lake we saw a big herd of Buffalo near the lake. We stopped to watch them and suddenly we saw them running away from the Lake. As it was a big herd, it was noisy and created a lot of dust. Behind them we saw three Lions chasing them. Then all the Buffalo stopped, turned around and chased the Lions. We watched them doing that for a few minutes before the Lions decided to give up and the Buffaloes walked away. Then the Lions regrouped with the rest of the pride. There were six including a cub. After watching them we went for our picnic breakfast. After our lovely tea and coffee we carried on with our drive along the lake. On the way back we went to see the Lions before leaving the lake. When we got there we saw a big herd of Wildebeest coming to drink at the same place the Lions were. Because we didn’t want to disturb them we drove far to a spot where we could see both the Lions and Wildebeest. After half and hour of waiting the herd of wildebeest were at the lake drinking. One Lioness got up and walked through the bushes and got near to the herd. Then she went in the middle of the herd and divided them into two groups. She concentrated on the herd, which was between the water and her. Then she chose a young one and she chased her for about a minute and she pulled it down. We drove closer in order to get a nice view and the rest of the pride came to help. It was a horrible kill, I have never seen anything like it because when the female pulled down the Wildebeest she left it for the youngsters to finish. The young males came and they didn’t want to wait. They started eating it while it was alive. So the young Wildebeest was still making a noise while its stomach was out. We watched them eating until they finished it. Then we had a nice drive back to camp.

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