Beho Beho Bushblog – Sean – 15th July

We had a great walk with Onesmo yesterday morning – after spotting a herd of buffalo sleeping in the open on the tamarind plain, we decided to walk to see them. We snuck up along a gully and peered out over the top, watching them, while they still snoozed, most of them oblivious to us. Then we saw a brown head rise up out of the grass, not even 50m from them. Heart rate increased, but it wasn’t a lion. A hyena started cleaning itself, then we saw another head, then another, then another. No idea what they were doing sleeping with the buffalo! A few minutes later one hyena got up and started to walk in our direction. We kept very still and it was only when it was about 20m away did it suddenly realise something was amiss. The look on his face!

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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Sean – 15th July

  1. Annie Thomas says:

    Sounds fatastic. We are very envious of you…keep those eyes peeled for those rhino!!
    All the best Annie & Colin!

  2. Beendicta says:

    That was a great walk indeed but you left out the best part – the hippo’s and the buffaloes not letting us get back to the camp…. 😉
    We had a great time at Beho Beho, a big thank you to everybody who made that possible.
    All the best,
    Jan, Benedicta , Amai & Lexi

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