Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 15th July

As this dry season proceeds, things are getting better in terms of sightings, the herds have already gathered and water has become a precious commodity. As I wrote on my last blog, I have had the chance to follow up on our Manze pride; first I found them as I used to know them, seven in total. Both the sub adult males were there, the two sub adult females and three adult females all looking healthly but desperate for a meal. It was a little confusing when I saw them next as at least all of them were there but one, an adult male. What worried me as all except the cub had an injury of some kind, we figured they had been in a fight with another pride that was seen earlier in the week, question is what happened to the male? Did he suffer severe injuries from the fight or did he not make it at all or he just wandered off on his own? All in all they had managed to get a young wildebeest and so hoping they will do well.

We have also been fortunate to see another pride that I call the Tagalala pride, this consists of two adult females and three cubs, they were with the Manze boys and had pulled down an adult wildebeest. This particular pride seems to be doing very well and hopefully we will see more of them as the season proceeds.

Blackie’s pack had disappeared for a few days but we found them eventually, there were a total of 11 dogs and we are almost sure that they have a den around our area.

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