Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 13th July

Today I took a family of three for the morning drive. I went to the Hyena’s den where we saw a lactating female. Then we drove to kill fish crossing and on to Tamlyn’s plain. Just before lolly pop crossing we saw many Giraffe and Impala. The Impalas were shouting and looking towards the Tamarind tree. When we went closer we saw a Leopard. He was walking away from the tree. We followed him until he disappeared to the bushes. Then after lolly pop crossing we saw a family of Elephants with a big troop of Baboons in the palm forest. We carried on to Lake Manze and on the way we saw Zebra, Wildebeest, Dwarf Mongoose and Buffalo. We stopped at the lake for our lovely tea and coffee while we were watching Hippos, Crocodile and nice Birds. After our tea and coffee we saw a dead Hippo in the middle of the lake with many Crocodiles around it. Then Heribert radioed me that he found Lions. When we got to the sight we saw eight of them including a cub. One of sub adult females was in the mud digging. We didn’t know what she was doing until she dragged out a dead young wildebeest. All the Lions started to eat. There was a lot of competition for the kill because it was small and the Lions looked hungry. It was noisy. After a few minutes one Crocodile came out of the water and watched the eating Lions. Then six more Crocodiles came out. One of them went straight to the Lions and grabbed a chunk of meat, which was dropped by the Lions whist they were scrambling for the food. After a short time the rest of the Crocodiles decided to go back into the water. We watched the Lions eating until they nearly finished, then we drove back to camp.

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