Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 10th July

When the King of the jungle calls everything goes quiet. This happened last night when two lions went past the camp calling in a low roar, comparing how loud they can be. Just after dinner and coffee we took all the guests back to their bandas and as we came back these cats had started calling while walking towards the airstrip. It was loud from that distance and we all gathered at the parade ground hoping to see them calling but they were in the bushes. In the distance we could hear one of the Manze boys calling and we knew it was him because we had seen him that afternoon. What we think is our new local pride went ballistic and started calling even louder whilst walking down to the airstrip where they disappeared. It was a really good evening and it is getting better because we are having quite a few different species coming to our waterhole at night and during the day.

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