Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 8th July

This morning I took two guests for the morning drive. We had a nice morning because we saw a lot of animals. We saw many Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Impala, and warthog and at lolly pop crossing we saw a big troop of Baboons in the Palm trees and a family of elephants. As usual the Baboons were eating the palm fruits and the Elephants were collecting what was dropped. After watching them we carried on. At Pelican pan we saw five Pelicans fishing in the lake. We had our lovely picnic breakfast at the beginning of the lake while we where watching Hippos, Crocodiles and nice birds. After our tea and coffee we carried on and we saw one Lioness. When we got close we found that she wasn’t well. Her right front leg was bleeding with about four holes (Teeth marks) and the way she was holding it looked like it was broken. So sad to see. We didn’t see the rest of the pride. After half a kilometre we saw a male Lion, which was new to my eyes. We watched him for a few minutes before he got up and walking to the shade and he was limping. When we left him we saw more Lion tracks heading to Mwanamungu. We followed them and we found another new male Lion, which was beautiful and two new Lionesses. He has a punk on his head and the colour of his mane is ginger with a little bit of black. He looks like our old local Lion Mr. Shaggy. What I think happened there was a fight between these new Lions and the Manze pride. The female we saw with a broken leg was the one that has a cub. She was fighting to protect her cub against these new boys and the rest of the pride ran with the cub. Sad to see them in that condition but happy to see new males coming because the Manze boys are old now and they have a big territory. Like last year I saw them at Lake Manze only two times but they are spending more time around lake Tagalala. May be these new males will take over at lake Manze side.

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