Beho Beho Bushblog – Onesmo – 3rd June

The days are getting better and better as the game starts gathering together along the water sources. This morning we took a drive to Lake Manze, which was an exciting one. When we got to lolly pop crossing there were baboons feeding on palm fruits and through the bushes we could see some elephants picking up the fruits dropped by the baboons. We sat there for a while before some of the Elephants started coming out to check on us. One bull was completely confused and started raising his trunk and eventually moved away giving us the chance to move on. We moved for ten meters or so and we spotted a bush pig. WOW! I personally jumped out of the vehicle, as they are not very common around here. We watched it for a while before it went away. Then continued to Lake Manze where we found a pride of lions sleeping under the palm bushes with big bellies full of meat.

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