Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 20th Jun

It’s just the start of the season and I must admit it is looking very promising. Weather has been very unpredictable with overcast clouds from time to time and some days with clear skies, scorching sun with humid heat.  The grasses are still very tall and a lot of bugs flying around at night, but all of this is drying very quickly, indicating the start of our dry season.

We have already seen it all, general game at the airstrip has been mind blowing with zebra, wildebeest, impala and giraffe herds all over. The most exciting are the wild dogs; Blacky’s pack has been with us for at least four consecutive days giving us great sightings. We’ve spotted the alpha female – heavily pregnant and hope she gives birth close to camp. Lions have been heard most of the night roaring from the distance and have not played hard to get. The Manze boys with two females and their three cubs have been seen around lake Tagalala. I have been fortunate to also have a glimpse of a leopard, my first sighting for the season and I am hoping for more. Elephants have become a regular occurrence in the camp, breeding herds and bulls. Buffalo have started gathering in herds of up to a hundred and more.

Bird life is as usual phenomenal, all the grass seeding and the flowers that still blossom reveal a hand full of bird species. Martial eagles, snake eagles and crowned eagle have been the highlights in this aspect and personally my favorite. The migrants have moved out already or should I say most of them. I am looking forward to an eventful season with lots more in store for us!

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